Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Intarsia Knitting

For a non knitter, here is my first try at Intarsia knitting. This technique was demonstrated on Knit and Crochet Today a while back and I thought it was very interesting. The local yarn shop offered a class, so I had to take it. I am not sure that I will want to make anything else using this technique. The many strings dangling just about drove me crazy.

I think the Fair Isle technique will be more to my liking. I have not tried it, yet. But, it is supposed to be less messy while knitting.


battatter said...

Funny, I just looked up intarsia and fair isle on the internet yesterday! I thought the fair isle was more up my alley, when I get an alley! There are a bunch of pretty fair isle things on ravelry I want to try someday!
Great job, keep it up!

Fox said...

Good for you! Intarsia is definitely fiddly and you did a great job! I should know - I teach it!

Fair Isle is more to my liking. I love the small patterns (peeries) and there are no little bobbins hanging all over the place. Try it - it is fun! Fox : )

Stone Hill Ranch said...

Great job! I'm getting ready to do my first intarsia pattern as well (on a sweater). I just finished up a fair isle and had a booger of a time with "seamless color change" on circular needles. BEWARE of that when you start your first fair aisle pattern or you'll be ripping down til the cows come home :-)