Monday, April 22, 2013

Mary Konior's Windmill

I have been admiring the Windmills that several people have tatted recently.  I was intrigued because I had started
knitting the Jojoland "Swirl Shawl"  pattern that looked very similar to the tatted windmills.  So, I picked one of Karey Solomon's HDT color "Late Summer Evening" that I purchased at Tat Days and got started.  I kept adding rounds until it reached 3 1/4 inches in diameter.  I didn't like the picots on the last round since I knew I was not going to attach it to others, so I eliminated them.  I like the way it turned out.  Now, what to do with it?  I think I may frame it.  What would you suggest I do with it?

Happy tatting,

Friday, April 19, 2013

Beautiful Earrings

Look at the beautiful pair of earrings that Umintsuru so sweetly made for me.  I received them in the mail earlier this week and wore them to work and everyone loved them.  Thank you so much Umintsuru for your generosity. 

Happy tatting,