Sunday, October 16, 2011

Latest Snowflakes

Here are my latest snowflakes.  One is motif #6 from "Festive Tatting" by DMC.
The other two are the "Layered Tatted Snowflake" pattern from Nancy Tracy of Be-stitched.  I used DMC size 20 for the rings and added Sulky Holoshimmer metallic thread as a filament to the DMC  for the chains.  I will be making several of these to give away to family members with their Christmas presents.  Which color do you think looks the best the silver one or the colorful one? Or do you prefer the plain white thread?
Please let me know.

Happy tatting,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tat Pic

I saw the this on Fox's blog. So of course, I HAD to have one and it arrived in the mail yesterday. It is a Tat Pic from David Reed Smith. This one is made from Cherry wood. It is such a cool idea and works great. David's workmanship is outstanding. It is truly a beautiful piece.

The background is my custom made ipad cover.

Happy Tatting,