Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Tatters Coming

I can't believe that I am teaching a tatting class at my church. The class began on Thursday, July 16, with three students. After a three hour class, all three went home with one completed ring. Tonight, I had two to return to the class for the second week. One had completed a very long strip of rings--some with and without picots. Tonight, she learned to do chains along with rings, and joining rings together to make a circular motif. She is doing very well. Her homework is to tat an edging for a hankerchief to bring next week.

The other student that returned, went out of town last weekend and did not pick up her shuttle again until Tuesday. She got frustrated and put it down until returning to class. She left class tonight with some rings. Her homework is to tat every day--practice--practice--practice. She is to return next week with yards and yards of rings.

The third student left on a business trip with her husband this morning. She called me this week and said that she had been practicing her stitches and making a few rings. She is to bring a strip of rings to class next week.

This is the first time that I have taught a tatting class and it is so much fun. It is very rewarding when you see them light up as they catch onto the flip. I will let you know how they are doing next week. I will try to post a picture of their homework.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday

Here is a bookmark I tatted from Cathy Bryant's TATTING book using Lizbeth thread. I think the corner bookmark style is so neat. It was very easy. By the way, this book is out of print. But, if you find a copy--purchase it. It has lots of neat patterns. A great addition to your tatting library.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heart Mystery - Resolved

After lots of research on the internet and responses from some very nice people, I finally broke down today and started going through all of my tatting books page by page...

Boy, did I find some beautiful patterns that I forgot all about. I only have 75 tatting books. I know that's too many...but I'm a tatting book addict and a thread addict and a shuttle addict and oh, let's not discuss my sewing room and fabric.

Anyway, the pattern....I found it in Cathy Bryant's TATTING book. The pattern name is "Heart". So, now that the mystery is solved, look for the picture of the framed hearts soon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking for Heart Pattern Info

Would anyone happen to know the pattern name and designer of this heart. I received it in a Round Robin exchange and am in the process of framing the hearts with labels that identifies the pattern name and designer as well as the tatter that made it for me. I can't find the info for this particular heart after hours of searching. The person that made it for me was given the pattern by a friend with no info. Any info that you can give me will be most appreciated.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heart of Summer

This is Karey Solomon's Tatted Heart of Summer pattern that uses her Spiral Tatting technique. The pattern appeared in one of the 2008 issues of the IOLI Bulletin. The left large spiral is a traditional spiral. The right large spiral uses the Solomon's Spiral Technique. This techique is tatting a spiral from the outside to the center instead of the traditional center to the outside. It really is very easy to do. I think the heart turned out pretty for my first try.