Saturday, July 6, 2013

1919 Square Medallion

I liked this design when I first saw it.  This vintage medallion works up so lovely.  The pattern can be found in the May issue of TATTING TIMES.  I like Karey's slightly modified version with less picots as the square is actually more defined than with the original amount of picots.

The thread is Choco Raspberry by Tatskool in size 20.

Happy tatting,


Fox said...

Fox : )

Michelle said...

How lovely! How big is it?

God's Kid said...

Your motif is awesome!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Lovely motif.

petozi Design said...

A really nice medallion, I love the squares.
Happy Tatting

IsDihara said...

Mmmmm, yum! Tatskool's Choco-Raspberry is one of my all-time FAVE HDTs. And while some say that variegated threads too often overpower a design, I find it utterly delicious in this square motif. Well done!

Did you choose your thread from stash or is it a NEW thread acquisition? (I only ask so that I can rush right over and order some Choco-Raspberry for myself in the event that your threads are new.)

Crazy Mom! said...

Pretty! I did the same motif - did you do yours in 3 rounds or like I did, all in one go?