Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Book with a Bonus

I found this book and ordered it after I was intrigued by the discussion on several blogs about Norma Benporath patterns.  I was happily surprised when I received the book and opened the front cover to discover the three pieces of tatting shown were enclosed.  It looks like the tatted pieces were done in size 80.  The first and largest piece is the beginnings of the center of the Mats For All Occasions pictured on page 63.  The center piece is medallion #6 on page 25.  I cannot find an exact match for the third little round piece. I believe that it is a version of one of the center motifs from the larger mat.  Whoever tatted these pieces did beautiful work--as both the stitches and the tension are remarkable.

Happy tatting,


Cindy said...

Wow, what a lucky bonus! It looks like a nice book to have in your collection.

God's Kid said...

Wow!! What a surprise, to find tatted pieces in a book of tatting!! :)