Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tat Days 2012

Wow! Wow! Wow!
It seemed that that was all I could say for the first day and a half.  It was AMAZING. 
The people, the knowledge floating around in the air, the enthusiasm of everyone, the wonderful display of tatted pieces, the silent auction items, and of course the vending room--I could go on.

You all know this was my first time to attend and I really do feel as though I walked around in awe the entire time.

From the time of my arrival til departure time, the hospitality of everyone was so incredible.  The knowledge seriously floated in the air, whether it was in a class or just visiting in the lobby area, chatting in line or at the table in the dining hall, or just walking through any of the areas.   Gosh, I do not mean to sound like a marketing brochure.  But, AWE was the state that I was in.

Some of the people I got to meet and take classes from:
Jane Eborall!!!! WOW!  I got to meet her in person.
Martha Ess
Nina Libin
IsDihara (Karen)
Jess Foster
Karey Solomon
Marilee Rockley
Sue Fuller
Randy Houtz
Kaye Judt
Plus so many more that I met.  I am terrible with names...so please do not get your feelings hurt if I do not mention your name.  It was also good to see Georgia, Gwen and others from previous Atlanta Workshops that I attended.

Sorry this is late--Life really does get in the way.

Happy tatting,



IsDihara said...

It is SO FAB to read your impressions of Tat Days 2012.

I was so excited to meet you for the first time at Tat Days! It was really an honor, as I have read and loved your blog posts since my first blogging days.

You are even more fabulous and joyful and overflowing with effervescent energy than I could have imagined. Here's hoping that you will be able to attend many more Tat Days to come!

Big Hugs!

Crazy Mom! said...

So glad you could come - Tat Days is the BEST!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I can't tell you how envious I am that you were able to attend Tat Days! I was quite depressed that I couldn't go there and meet that fabulous group of Tatting Stars, in addition to everyone else! Our schedule just didn't cooperate! So glad you had a GREAT time! I at least WAS able to catch the streaming video, which made me feel a little better!

Sally Kerson said...

Great meeting you too, my first time attending tat days and like you it was very awe inspiring. I was fortunate though in having a big sister to look after me!