Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wishing All A Happy Easter!

HE is Alive!

Here are motifs 16 & 17 of the Motif Challenge.
Motif #16
Egg #12 tatted in HDT color "Snowflake" by Marilee Rockley 
Motif #17
 Egg #23 tatted in another HDT color "Cloud 9" also by Marilee Rockley
Easter tree 2012
Here is my Easter tree with 15 eggs on it.  I am done with eggs for this year.  Maybe the rest of the eggs in the TATTED EASTER EGG book by Kirsten Wind Hansen will be added to the tree next year.  I really wanted to tat all 24 eggs--but ran out of time.  The eggs were simple to tat.  However,  most of them required some thought to decipher the instructions.  The instructions could be a little more clear.

Happy tatting,


Denise's Blog said...

Your egg tree is gorgeous...I love it!

Fox said...

Your eggs came out beautifully - especially that one with the crochet border with which I had so much difficulty. Good for you!

Fox : )