Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tatted Christmas Tree information

It has come to my attention that the tatted christmas tree called "Tree of Life" is no where to be found on the Tatting Corner link that is in my January 1 post. I emailed the company and Jennifer was kind enough to respond with the following:
"Hi JB, We are not stocking them for the web site since they are too heavy for shipping. If you would like one, we can do a special order. Thank you, Jennifer."

The tree itself retailed for $29.99. According to the shipping label, shipping charges were $17.50. Since their regular shipping charge was $6.25 for this item when they did stock it, perhaps Tatting Corner was losing money. I will say, that in person, the tree is very nice. It is well made and heavy duty. The pictures do not do the tree nor the tatting justice, as it really is very pretty. I was please with it and everyone that visited my home during the holidays was awe struck.

Excited that the TIAS starts tomorrow.
Happy tatting.

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