Monday, August 3, 2009

Tatting Class Update

The third tatting class was Thursday night. One student is making an edging for a hanky. She is really doing very well. Another student is practicing rings and chains and will hopefully have an edging at our next class meeting. She is doing good too. The other student is perfecting her rings. She missed the second class, so she is a little behind. She was able to make three rings before leaving class last night. She and I are going to meet at a later date to catch her up to the other two. She is too is doing well. The above picture is of the rings that each have been making. The white and purple is the hanky edging.

For homework, they are to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!
The class was only supposed to be a three week class. However, as you know there is so much to learn. So we are going to continue to meet monthly. Our next class will be the end of August.


Unknown said...

How exciting for your class! You must be so excited! I know what you mean about that "PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!" LOL! I could never stress that point enough when I taught tatting. It makes such a huge difference in a student's skill.

Gina said...

Having classes can get addictive too! Be careful!

Gina said...

JB - Sharon's book is Transitions in Tatting, from Flat to Floral. You can only get it from her website.